Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. What is Reseller Web Hosting ?

    A. Reseller Web Hosting is to provide hosting services such as emails hosting, web site hosting, databases etc for your customer from server space and bandwidth that you purchase from us. Domain name registration can be provided through our Zero Deposit Domain Reseller Account. Since Reseller Web Hosting is completely brand able, you will be able provide all these services under your brand name itself.
  • Q. Do you provide control panel for managing my Reseller Account ?

    A. Linux Reseller Web Hosting comes with cPanel/WHM for managing your Reseller Web Hosting Account. Web Hosting Manager [ WHM ] allows you to add your customer domains to your Reseller Web Hosting Account and cPanel allows your customers to manage their domain’s email, database, ftp etc by themselves.
  • Q. What is the hardware configuration of your Reseller Hosting servers ?

    A. Tuhur Host’s hardware configurations for Reseller Web Hosting servers are unmatched in the Industry.Dual Hexa Core Intel Processors, 256 GB RAM, 1 Gbps Port Speed with 160 Gbps Internet Backbone helps us deliver your web hosting customer’s webpage at a very very high speed throughout the world when compared to others.
  • Q. What is Caching and what type of caching do you provide ?

    A. Caching is a technology that allows to deliver frequently accessed content or static content [ like images, css, js etc. ] from a quickly retrievable state rather than how it is accessed normally. Tuhur host deploys various caching technologies for lightning speed delivery of your websites. SSD caching with varnish and Mysql running from SSD drives enable a very high speed delivery of your content. However Tuhur Host is one of the cheapest Linux Reseller Web Hosting Provider in the industry.
  • Q. Where can I get Pre-Sales questions answered ?

    A. You can get all your pre-sales questions related to Reseller Web Hosting answered in our Sales Chat. Click here to Chat Now. We have also complied list of useful questions that could of use to you. Please visit out Pre-Sales FAQ Section.