Windows Reseller Web Hosting


    19USD 1 Month

    5000 GB Bandwidth 500 GB Disk SpaceUNLIMITED Domains HostingHosted in Intel Xeon Dual Quad Core 48 GB RAM Server
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    24USD 1 Month

    9000 GB Bandwidth 900 GB Disk SpaceUNLIMITED Domains HostingHosted in Intel Xeon Dual Hexa Core 256 GB RAM Server
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    31USD 1 Month

    UNLIMITED BandwidthUNLIMITED Disk SpaceUNLIMITED Domains Hosting Hosted in Intel Xeon Dual Hexa Core 256 GB RAM Server
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    33USD 1 Month

    Hosting + 2 Sub Resellers
    Hosted in Intel Xeon Dual Hexa Core 256 GB RAM Server
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Windows Reseller Web Hosting

built for Power Packed Performance

Windows Reseller Web Hosting powered by Dual Hexa Core Processor, 256 GB RAM Servers. FREE Plesk, Zero Deposit Domain Reseller, Payment Gateway. Windows OS with MSSQL Web Edition for very high performance. Start Building Your OWN Global Business.

Windows Reseller Web Hosting Features


  • Intel Dual Hexa Core Processor

  • Windows OS, ASP, .NET, PHP

  • MSSQL Server Web Edition

  • FREE Domain Reseller Account

  • FFREE Payment Gateway

  • Ajax, MDAC, Application Vault

  • Plesk & Windows OS

    Windows Reseller Web Hosting is powered by Plesk Panel. Windows OS offers a very stable and secured environment for web hosting.
  • Scripting & Database

    ASP, .NET, PHP 5.x. MS Access, MSSQL Web Edition, Mysql 5.x Database Support. Web Edition uses maximum number of cores hence your application will load faster.
  • Email and Spam Protection

    Smart Phone and Blackberry compatible mail boxes. POP3, SMTP and Webmail Access. On Demand and On Access Virus Scanning. Spam Assassin protection.
  • Apps Installer

    Install widely used apps like WordPress in a single click using Application Vault.
  • FREE Domain Reseller A/C

    Tuhur Host is an ICANN accredited, .IN domain registrar in India. Linux Web Hosting Reseller, can avail FREE Domain Reseller Account with ZERO initial deposit.
  • FREE Payment Gateway

    A Tuhur Host Linux Reseller Web Hosting Special. Get a Payment Gateway with Zero Setup Fee.
  • Special Features

    MSSQL Web Edition Support
    FREE! PAYMENT GATEWAY with zero setup fee
    URL REWRITE Search Engine Friendly URL Rewrite
    DNS MANAGEMENT for Google Apps
    ARROW SHIELD Protection
    HOSTED IN MONSTER SERVERS [Dual Hexa Core 256 GB RAM Servers] for robust performance
  • Available Addons

    1. Arrow SQLArc – Automated Database Backup for all your websites
    2. Arrow Media Streaming for Live / On Demand Videos
    3. Dedicated IP Address
    4. Comodo Extended Validation SSL Certificates
    5. HDFC Payment Gateway Hosting Integration
    6. ICICI Payment Gateway Hosting Integration
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • technical details
  • Q. What control panel you provide for Windows Reseller Web Hosting ?

    A. Windows Reseller Web Hosting is powered by Plesk Control Panel. It allows you to create hosting subscriptions, control key features such as email, database, ftp of domains that are hosted under your Reseller Web Hosting Account.
  • Q. Does MSSQL Web Edition Cost Extra ?

    A. MSSQL Web Edition uses all the cores in a Dual Hexa Core server and hence works faster than an express edition. MSSQL Web Edition support comes FREE with Windows Reseller Web Hosting.
  • Q. What is the hardware configuration of your Reseller Hosting servers ?

    A. Tuhur Host’s hardware configurations for Reseller Web Hosting servers are unmatched in the Industry. Dual Hexa Core Intel Processors, 256 GB RAM, 1 Gbps Port Speed with 160 Gbps Internet Backbone helps us deliver your web hosting customer’s webpage at a very very high speed throughout the world when compared to others.
  • Q. Where can I get Pre-Sales questions answered ?

    A. You can get all your pre-sales questions related to Reseller Web Hosting answered in our Sales Chat. Click here to Chat Now. We have also complied list of useful questions that could of use to you. Please visit out Pre-Sales FAQ Section.

Windows Reseller Web Hosting is built to perform. The key factors that determine the performance of the Best Windows Web Reseller Hosting are

  • 1. Robust Hardware
  • 2. Optimized OS / Scripting
  • 3. Database
  • 4. Premium Bandwidth Network Backbone
  • 5. Light Weight and Feature Rich Control Panel
  • Robust Hardware : Windows Reseller Web Hosting servers are powered by Dual Hexa Core 256 GB RAM Servers with Turbo Processing. Turbo Processing allows to handle sudden spike in compute resources with ease as the processor itself is built to handle such spikes. With 256 GB RAM, your applications will never run out of memory to run. Swapping due to lack of memory will be remote which makes your application run very fast when compared to a low configuration server.

  • Optimized OS / Scripting : Windows Operating system is optimized for the best performance and each website runs with individual application pool. Such isolation of websites allows them to function independent of other websites in a shared windows reseller web hosting server. Windows Reseller Web Hosting comes with ASP, .NET, PHP support. These scripting programs are optimized for the highest performance. Availability of 256 GB RAM enables these scripting languages to work faster.

  • MSSQL Server Web Edition :Databases are very crucial in today’s application development. In most of the cases, speed at which database functions determines the speed of the application. MSSQL Server Web Edition is very important in a shared windows reseller web hosting environment. The reason being, MSSQL Server Web Edition can use all the 12 Cores in a Dual Hexa Core Server and use maximum memory out of 256 GB. This means 12 X faster computing in cpu and multi-fold utilization of RAM can speed up your application many times when compared to a SQL Express Edition.

  • Premium Bandwidth Network Backbone : Port speed and the Backbone Connectivity determines uniform functioning of websites hosted in your reseller account. With 1 Gbps Port Speed and 160 Gbps Backbone Connectivity from multiple providers, your reseller hosting business should run non-stop 24X7, 365 Days.

  • Light Weight and Feature Rich Control Panel : Tuhur Host Windows Web Reseller Hosting comes with FREE Plesk Control Panel for managing key functions of your reseller web hosting such as adding domains, managing ftp, edit dns, create mssql databases, sub domains etc. Plesk is a light weight feature rich control panel which allows to control your web hosting to a granular level.